Monetizing Travel

Fresh off my last internship, I went down to a big, old house outside the tiny Arizona town of Tubac this past weekend for a travel writing workshop. It was led by Richard Grant, a Brit who lives in the Mississippi Delta area, a coffee enthusiast, a freelance travel writer and the author of Crazy River, God’s Middle Finger and American Nomads.

The workshop was small — Richard and four others — but it was my first and therefore automatically cool and exciting. We did a few hours of talking and studying, then took a trip to the border town Nogales to put us through our paces. That post’s next. After that we learned about the logistics of travel writing, or as Mr. Grant put it, monetizing our travels.

IMG_7641 (2)

IMG_7649 (small)

IMG_7651 (small)

IMG_7664 (small)

IMG_7691 (small)

IMG_7724 (small)

Up next, the story of Nogales.

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