Hits and Misses

The woman suddenly turned onto the sidewalk at a brisk pace, eyes forward, pushing a big black stroller. A bright crimson baseball hat was on her head, and she wore bug-eye sunglasses and a shin-length dress with horizontal stripes of bright greens, blues, oranges and yellows. Her infant sat tall in the stroller, head up and facing front. She strode past a shop front lined with bright green and red signs. The golden morning light wasn’t shining too brightly. The pair was alone on the street. It was a nice image.

It was also one I didn’t get. I was walking about 40 yards back trying to catch up with this woman, but not quickly enough. I saw everything in the image coming together, everything I would need to snap — and I wasn’t there to do it. Two big lessons I’ve needed to learn, which my attempts at street photography have thrown into clear relief: Trust the instincts and hustle.

I did get some passable images, though, I think. Plus I got to watch a bull-riding contest and attend a dinner for former members of the town’s Boys and Girls Club. I hope they’re nice to look at, and thanks for looking.

_C1_7814 (small)

_C1_7820 (small)

_C1_7799 (small)

_C1_7830 (small)

_C1_7833 (small)

Nice little brachiopod fossil in some landscaping rocks.

_C1_7827 (small)

_C1_7875 (small)

_C1_7921 (small)

_C1_8074 (small)

_C1_8056 (small)

_C1_8200 (small)

This guy, Flint Rasmussen, is apparently something of a rodeo clown celebrity. He was pretty funny.

_C1_8099 (small)

_C1_8220 (small)

_C1_8278 (small)

Just because.

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