Round 2

_C1_0356The snow’s back! That means Northwest Arkansans watching the Super Bowl are probably just staying home, since we’re getting about 5 inches, easily overwhelming the snow-clearing resources in these parts.

_C1_0262I’m from Nebraska, where 5 inches might take an hour or two to clear from the major roads. I sure miss that. But the road departments around here are a bit constrained by the amount of money they get. No one seems to expect this to keep happening.

_C1_0231I assume that’s why the fountain in my apartment complex is still going, anyway.

_C1_0240It was snowing heavily for most of the day, with a biting north wind. I just think about people without homes, people who have to work, people whose cars break down, the people sent to rescue them. I bet it’s cold in New Jersey right now, too.

_C1_0265I hope you all are staying warm!

_C1_0290Thanks for looking,


2 thoughts on “Round 2

  1. I love this first photo. It makes me think of Ansel Adams. And it makes me anxious for snow again. A friend posted photos this week that they took of frost flowers (ice ribbons). I have never seen any in person; have you? But i’m going to go look for them early tomorrow morning!


    1. Thanks very much, I saw those oaks driving by a few days earlier and wanted to make sure I got back to them. No, I haven’t seen frost flowers before, but now I’m going to be on the lookout, too.


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