Crystal Bridges

IMG_9891It looks like some serious rain is moving through the state tonight, but around midday it was warm and (occasionally) sunny. I headed up to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art for my first photos from Bentonville.



IMG_9893Opened in 2011 with a relatively small piece of the Walton family fortune, Crystal Bridges is many things: a free art museum, a sculpture garden, a nature park. It also provided for some nice images. Besides admiring the carved woods and molded ceramics, people of every age group were jogging or biking the trails, shepherding little ones and snapping selfies with the rust-coated LOVE sculpture.



IMG_9907Once again, I can’t wait for this place to get some green leaves on these branches.




IMG_9947As always, thanks for looking.


One thought on “Crystal Bridges

  1. So I saw a program on PBS last week about the planning and building of Crystal Bridges; really interesting after seeing you photograph it twice on this blog! Can’t wait to see it in person someday! And , YES, get some of your prints hanging in a gallery somewhere or on a FB page or in a coffee shop – just get noticed by the masses! Word of mouth will do the rest!!

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