On the Move

_C1_5481Ozark highways during summer holiday weekends are always full of trucks carrying boats and jet skis and family dogs. Grandparents holding ice cream cones and kids too excited to stay in their cars at gas stations are all on their way to Table Rock Lake or Beaver Lake or Lake of the Ozarks or any of the other lakes around here shaped like great seadragons, with their tails and tendrils and branches. The shape forms when hilly areas are dammed and flooded, and I’ll always associate it with this place.



_C1_5526One of those Ozark highways is U.S. 412, running from one northern corner of Arkansas to the other. I went up and down a segment of this road for my Memorial Day, hoping to capture just a little bit of the tiny-town life it strings together.






_C1_5610Speaking of Memorial Day, I’m reminded of something a veteran friend of mine pointed out. When we thank veterans for their service, maybe we’re really thanking them for going to war instead of us, for taking our place so no draft is needed and we can enjoy road trips and holiday weekends and careers that give holidays. We go, and you don’t have to, he said.

I think this perspective makes the thank-yous “for your service” and “for defending our freedom” more real and tangible. Any perspective that does that is a valuable one, I think.

I hope it was a good weekend for you. Here’s a few more images from around my apartment this weekend.

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Marriage in Arkansas

_C1_4961Same-sex marriage came to Washington County, Ark., this morning, following a state judge’s ruling Friday overturning the state’s gay marriage ban.

Dozens of couples were waiting when the county courthouse opened its doors. I have a full story running tomorrow, but I can tell you the crowd was a mass of happy tears and cheering and hugs and laughing.

Many questions remain: The attorney general is appealing the decision, most counties are saying the decision doesn’t affect them, and the Arkansas Supreme Court could issue a stay at any moment. A stay would likely invalidate these marriages and prevent more marriages for weeks while the court considers the state’s ban.

The couples getting married were aware of all of this, which gave the rapid-fire marriages some urgency. But for the moment they were happy to be together.










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