_C1_8439If you’ve never played ultimate Frisbee, let me introduce you: It’s sort of like soccer or football with a Frisbee, and it’s the only way I know of that I can run around for at least two hours.

Teams try to pass the disc down the field into an end zone but can’t move while holding it. If you haven’t played ultimate but enjoy exercise, you should consider it. I’ve started here with the Fayetteville Disc Association’s summer league, which means I’m one of at least a hundred people (and a bunch of dogs) who get together Tuesday nights in brightly colored team shirts. My team includes Wax, Goody (above), Coffee, Aric and several others. We wear green. It’s fun. I have room for improvement.










_C1_8567I will say it’s odd to be older than the mostly university crowd, but it’s awesome to be there. I hope I got a couple decent shots out of it for you tonight, too.

Thanks for looking!



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