Water and Rock

IMG_8874This volcanic-looking slope is in Devil’s Den — where I’ve been a dozen times, yeah, but a few friends and I ventured to somewhere new last Sunday, farther past the overlook and into the cliffs than I’ve gone before.




IMG_8901I’ve been thinking recently about how easy it is to do, taking a new direction. No particular reason for the thought; work and life’s going fine, and Lord knows there’s lots of news going on to cover. But what if I decided to try making a living with photography? What if I ran for public office? What could happen? Maybe nothing. Several years ago I walked into an Omaha gallery and store for Thomas Mangelsen, one of many nature photographers these days who carry Ansel Adams’ torch. It was a beautiful place, and the idea of doing that for a career has floated in my brain since. But I don’t know. The idea of different paths is fun but scary.




IMG_8904The water was heavy again in the park because of that Friday storm. Cool, gushing, beautiful water had bent over trees and washed a small parking lot away. Just another summer in the forest.


IMG_8930Thanks for looking, and as a character in one of my favorite TV shows said, keep your brains open to the possibilities.


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