Bird’s Eye

IMG_6570On a clear day from an airplane 7 miles up, the horizon is more than 230 miles away. That’s a view no human had until a few decades ago, and there’s a lot to see out there. I was looking through some old photos and found some old shots from plane windows, mostly between the Midwest and Arizona via Dallas. They make an interesting set; most of them showcase the large-scale power of water even in places with hardly any.





The multilayered windows and sheer distance distort details and colors — the bluish tinge makes them look like 1970s film photos to me — but the scenery is surreal and striking enough on its own. I have no clue specifically where most these canyons and rivers are. I get lucky searching on Google Earth every now and then; the first photo up there is Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks, for example. Otherwise, I’ve never seen them twice.







Thanks for lookin’.


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