IMG_1442---CopyWell, dear readers, it’s been a year. Over the past 12 months this little blog has gone to dune fields, flooded forests, music-filled streets and crazy festivals. I traveled more than 6,000 miles through nine states, and I stayed put right here in my neighborhood, all of it trying to catch just a fraction of the frames that come together every moment. I hope it’s been worth tagging along.

That mix of far away and right outside the door has been a sort of theme throughout 2015, I suppose. Northwest Arkansas has plenty of its own sights and happenings, but this whole country is home, too, and there is a ton to see. I hiked two national parks and plan to (slowly) keep making my way through all 59 of them — looks like Yosemite might be coming up in a few months. I’ll see more parades, more people and more cities. More vaguely, I’ll keep pushing myself to get better. I try to do something new every time I head out with a camera – a different perspective, a slicker composition, a novel play on light or color. I’ll keep trying in 2016. There’s always more to learn.
































_C1_1441Bottom line is I love doing this, so I’m going to keep doing it. Thanks for looking, everybody. Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “2015

    1. I’m trying to pick some good trails to hike in May; so far I’m looking at the valley floor loop and another that goes around Mariposa Grove. Was there anything you really liked?


  1. Where to even begin? My absolute favorite is Half Dome. El Capitan is equally as majestic. The meadows in bloom and waterfalls – breathtaking! Get off the beaten path & away from the crowds, the shuttles, the village – far too many people. Too bad Mariposa is closed for the year – you’ll just have to go back again! Great photo posted 2 days ago at: https://www.facebook.com/Sangeeta-Dey-Photography-1517984581792608/ And as long as you’re that far, you must see San Francisco – what a city! This makes me want to go back now!


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