IMG_0008.JPGFor those celebrating Easter, I hope you had a good one. Among the eggs and the family and the garden shopping these past few days, I also marked the occasion by trying out something a little different. After sticking with a cranky old iPhone 4 for around five or six years, last week I switched to a newer model with a pretty decent camera on the back. This is some of what I caught with it, mostly around downtown Fayetteville yesterday.









IMG_0187.JPGNot too bad for a 5-ounce machine, though for anyone keeping score at home, a couple of minor marks against: Its zoom is almost worthless, and it has a habit of making everything in the frame in focus, which can clutter things up. Putting the camera through its paces was still a fun little trial.

Thanks for looking! Here’s hoping that below-freezing nonsense is finally done for the season.


Spring Break

IMG_3875On a busy weekday, one in three people in Fayetteville could be walking around the University of Arkansas campus at once: Roughly 30,000 people work or study there in a town of 81,000. I would happily walk around with a camera during one of those days and catch the streams of people between classes, if it weren’t for that pesky weekday job. But I can go when the place is (almost) empty. While lots of beach towns are getting rowdy and wild for spring break, the campus is still.





IMG_3848Photojournalism emphasizes people and their moments, but every now and then it can be worth embracing the inanimate and focusing on the things we humans have built when almost no one’s using them. One of the first blog posts I did here had a similar idea behind it.





IMG_3869I’ll kick in a couple more photos from the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks just for you. The nighttime dips below freezing last weekend didn’t seem to harm the flowers and peach blossoms too badly.



Thanks for looking, and happy official start to spring.


Greenway III

_C1_3752.JPGPart of the fun of the Razorback Greenway is in exploring the side paths, the countless shorter trails that branch away toward neighborhoods, down into Scull Creek and to other hidden places. Some of them are paved, some are probably nothing more than animal trails, and some started human-made but have since been reclaimed by the plants and ground.

_C1_3652.JPGI found one of that last category this morning. One loop goes to a corner of Fayetteville’s Gordon Long Park that’s essentially a tucked-away little wetland. The pavement gradually disappears under mud and muck deep enough to tug on a walker’s shoes, and the more solid-looking meadow inside the loop is actually squishy with water. The cattail cluster and other growth there make me think it wasn’t this way just because of our recent rain. This place is used to water. Wetlands are great for healthy life and water, and they’re not bad for a photographer. Just another prize along the Greenway.

_C1_3657.JPGIt was a perfect morning to tackle another section of the trail and a comfortable end to a rainy week.












_C1_3722I hitched on a few more shots to the previous post that I took this weekend but fit better there — take a look, if you like. And thanks for looking, period. We’re almost to the edge of Fayetteville in this long trip down the Greenway.



IMG_2295.JPGIt’s hard to tell that spring is still two weeks away. The days are getting longer at the fastest rate of the year, and the shorter nights and warming temperatures are activating flower and leaf buds that were put out months ago. The brown and gray of winter is fading away.







IMG_2349I only had to walk a block to find these little gems. I take a lot of photos of flowers, maybe too many, but I can’t help it. This is my favorite time of year.

Hope you’re enjoying the weather — thanks for looking.