Spring Break

IMG_3875On a busy weekday, one in three people in Fayetteville could be walking around the University of Arkansas campus at once: Roughly 30,000 people work or study there in a town of 81,000. I would happily walk around with a camera during one of those days and catch the streams of people between classes, if it weren’t for that pesky weekday job. But I can go when the place is (almost) empty. While lots of beach towns are getting rowdy and wild for spring break, the campus is still.





IMG_3848Photojournalism emphasizes people and their moments, but every now and then it can be worth embracing the inanimate and focusing on the things we humans have built when almost no one’s using them. One of the first blog posts I did here had a similar idea behind it.





IMG_3869I’ll kick in a couple more photos from the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks just for you. The nighttime dips below freezing last weekend didn’t seem to harm the flowers and peach blossoms too badly.



Thanks for looking, and happy official start to spring.


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