IMG_3964---Copy.jpgWe’re seeing a bit of a paradox these days, with T-shirt weather mixed with trees as bare as they were in the middle of winter. Green began returning weeks ago, but most of the larger trees are being very slow about it. I blame the dips below freezing we’ve had in the past couple of weeks, and at least I can say those might finally — finally — be done, based on the forecast. The dogwoods and redbuds are blossoming despite the slow going, splashing the bare woods with white and magenta.

IMG_4094.JPGOne fun fact about dogwoods: Those four petals aren’t actually petals — they’re modified leaves called bracts. Those little yellow buds in the middle are the real flowers, clustered by the dozen in an arrangement called an inflorescence. I never knew that before this weekend. There’s something poetic about it, the most important part outshone by a flashy, distracting exterior.










IMG_3959.JPGAnyway, not many words for this post. I hope you’ve had the chance to get outside and enjoy some of this weather. Even after going to a place like Devil’s Den State Park at least a dozen times, I can still find places and angles I haven’t come across before. As always, thanks for looking.


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