Class of 2016

_C1_4721.JPGGraduation approaches, which means college campuses everywhere are full of people smiling and posing for cameras. Photographers and soon-to-be-grads and family members crisscrossed the University of Arkansas yesterday in such numbers that they had to queue up at the most popular spots. For the first time, I was one of those photogs. A lovely pair of acquaintances, Ashley and Emily, asked me to take their graduation photos. I tried to warn them I’d never done this kind of thing, surely someone with more equipment could do more, but they just wouldn’t listen.

We had a great time.





We moved to Wilson Park as the afternoon turned into evening. My master plan, timing the shoot so we’d get beautiful, golden sunset light there (like in these shots for another pair of friends), fell apart as the sunny forecast gave way to an overcast sky. So much for that. Still, cloudy skies give their own soft, cool light to work with.





_C1_4824.JPGNot too bad, I hope — this is just a sample of the final product. We’ll see if anyone ever asks me to do grad photos again.

Congratulations to everyone graduating! Good luck out there.


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