Mushrooming III

IMG_9511.JPGSome real warmth is finally here, and warmth plus rain means hidden networks of tiny fungus filaments in the forest floor are popping out mushrooms. I’ve already paid tribute to the variety and strange, sometimes slimy beauty of these little toadstools here and here, but still the Ozarks have new kinds to show me, including the above beauties at the entrance of a Devil’s Den State Park cave.





IMG_9512.JPGI hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend — thanks for stopping by.



Books and beers

_C1_9313.JPGThe weather was absolutely flawless Sunday for Fayetteville’s annual Block Street Block Party. Live bands filled beer gardens with sound every few hundred feet, and in between stood booths of arts and crafts and hundreds of used books under a cloudless sky and a light breeze. Beautiful.







_C1_9375.JPGI can’t wait for the next one.

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