My name’s Dan Holtmeyer, and I’m a reporter and photojournalist with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

This personal blog is my way of saying one thing: Look at this! Look at these people and these places, and at how beautiful and funny and odd and quiet and loud they can be. If you can learn something through this blog about photography or the things I show, I’m happy. But just look around and keep looking.

I work as a writer, which means I don’t take many photos with my job. I love taking pictures, though, so these days I walk around town or elsewhere with my camera, trying to capture something interesting.

See something you’d like to have for yourself? I’ve put up a few images for prints and other buy-able things here. If you’d like an image that isn’t up, just let me know. I’m also on Facebook here and Instagram here.

These are your fellow inhabitants of the world, a place incomprehensibly huge and achingly tiny.

Thanks for your time,


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