Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we move to the season of wishes and desires (and hey, I’m not knocking it, knowing your desires and goals is good, too). Yesterday was a whole day devoted to our gratitude, but I like to think that there’s something in every moment that we can give a little thought of thanks for, even if it’s small.

I write this aware that some people live lives of struggle and fear and horror that I can scarcely glimpse — they might know this better than I, really. There is always something. But did you see it?

Did you see the clouds?

Arizona January 2010 097

Did you see the rain?

IMG_7546 (2)Did you see the moon?

freshman summer ending 041Did you see the sunsets?

lakeDid you see the trees?

New Orleans 156Did you see the little gestures?

IMG_9693Did you see the small smiles?

_C1_9789Did you see the old friends?

_32I6671 (2)Because they’re there. When I see them, I say a little thanks.

Most of these are pictures from the past few years; I should have some more shiny new ones soon, maybe this weekend.

Thanks for looking!