Blue and Gold

_C1_3413I was resolved to stay near my apartments this evening, though I wanted to take another shot at capturing lightning. I was not disappointed.


_C1_3175The storm wave moved through the area in time to let through the golden glow of the sunset. It combined with the storm’s deep blue, and the sky became a watercolor rainbow of yellow, salmon and purple. I sure do love nature’s light shows. And I didn’t even have to leave my porch.



_C1_3245Thanks for looking!


Active Skies

IMG_0075sA thin, intense line of storms stretching from Texas to Illinois is on the way to northwest Arkansas, bringing our first real chance of severe weather. The thunder just started. It looks exciting out there! I hope it’s just the right amount of excitement, though.

IMG_0071sThe turmoil in the sky before storms always fascinates me. Two of my best examples are here and here — take a look, if you like. The turmoil typically comes before the flat, more menacing steel gray of the rain.


Stay careful out there,


After the Solstice

_C1_9687 smallAt the edge of Fayetteville, pavement becomes gravel and neighborhoods become farms quickly. Just a couple of miles is enough to convince me I’m in the middle of nowhere._C1_9644 smallToday, the day after the solstice, was very gray. I headed out near Lake Wilson, an old reservoir just outside of town that mirrored the flat gray sky. I had been out there a few weeks ago for a story on a local group trying to keep clean the lake and the river flowing from it.

Today it was cold — below freezing. A few tiny flurries blew in my face. I should’ve brought a hat. Despite the cold, however, water still flowed on all sides. Creeks and streams wove under and around the road every few yards. Despite the gray, color still showed.

_C1_9641 small

_C1_9699 smallHere it was very quiet, the kind of quiet where you can hear an approaching car a mile out, and there were only a handful of those. As I walked a rooster called out insistently. A red-tailed hawk swooped silently over a field. The wind picked up. I really should’ve brought a hat.

_C1_9648 smallAfter a good hour’s walk I got to my goal:

_C1_9673 smallMaybe it’s not a whole lot to look at, but I’d wanted to get a photo of this basketball hoop since I first drove by a month ago. To me it seemed to hold just a little something of life here, where instead of playing basketball in front of the garage door, they play it in front of the hay bale shed. Maybe I’m too sentimental.

_C1_9669 smallThis boat was easily worth the trip, though. I don’t know if I’ll ever see such a thing again.

It was around this time that I turned back around and met Lisa, a woman who looked to be in her 50s and wore brass-colored glasses with small lenses and a woven, brown wool hat with a matching vest. She said hi and that she lived nearby — and that I should get a hat. I should’ve gotten her picture.

_C1_9694 smallFurther down the road I saw a black lab standing outside a house’s front door. As I kept walking I heard a soft padding behind me and turned around. The lab, now motionless, looked at me without a sound. I kept walking. I turned around again. Sure enough the lab was still there, sniffing where I’d walked. He followed for a few minutes before turning around and running back.

_C1_9681 small

I love dogs. And I really do plan on getting more people into these pictures, I swear. I’ve put up a lot of introverted photography lately, to be blunt. Maybe I’m always tired of people by the weekend. But I hope these are OK to look at. Thanks for looking!