Pumpkin Season

IMG_0494I’ve gotten fonder of the warm months in my old age, but nothing beats October. It’s got my birthday and that holiday with all the candy and real historical significance, outside and inside become the same temperature, and trees really get rolling on those striking fall colors, revealing the yellow and red pigments that were hidden under the green all along. Autumn technically begins in September, but nature’s switch seems to flip only in October.

It’s an invigorating and fun time of year, and after a stubborn summer, I’ll take it.



IMG_0489Not many photos this time around; over the weekend I drove down to West Fork’s Bullwick Farms to get some pumpkins and photos of pumpkins. If you live around here and are looking for some, you might try them out, because their specimens are pretty much perfect.


IMG_0516Thanks for looking! And happy fall.