On the Side

IMG_1742---CopyI’m sorry for the delayed post — I visited family over the weekend, and election and budget season has my brain at least half-fried at all times. I’ve also been toying with the idea of selling prints of my photos.

There are lots of reasons this might not work out. I’ve never done it before, my photos might not be all that great, and I’m sure it’s a crowded market. But it’s fun to think about and look for possibilities within seven years’ worth of photos. Any selling would be a small operation, maybe at the local farmers market or a site like Redbubble.

Anyway, none of you have to worry about any of this, so I decided just to post a sample of the 60 or so images I came up with and hope they’re at least interesting to look at. Many of these haven’t been posted before, and hey, there’s a chance they’ve never been taken before, either. There’s my pitch. Above is the St. Louis Gateway Arch in 2011.

Washington,-DC-part-2-123Washington D.C., 2010

_Q8K9457Manhattan, 2012

_C1_8684Tulsa, 2014

20120512_Holtmeyer_Yamuna071-(2)Haryana, India, 2012

_MG_8096Haryana, India, 2012

_MG_8153Haryana, India, 2012

New-Orleans-135New Orleans, 2010

IMG_7703-(2)Nogales, Mexico, 2013

t_0811-Dinh-Quang-7Springfield, Missouri, 2013

_C1_3551Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2014

Arizona-January-2010-097Tucson, Arizona, 2010

IMG_1404Springfield, Missouri, 2011

IMG_0241Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas, 2014

_C1_0669Devil’s Den State Park, 2014

_C1_8093Ozark National Forest, Arkansas, 2014

Christmas-and-New-Years-2009-089San Diego, 2009

_C1_0356Springdale, Arkansas, 2014

5462746122_70d82aa98b_oBellevue, Nebraska, 2010

We’ll see if I’m just being goofy. It’s at least a good exercise for me.

As always, thanks for looking, and be sure to keep an eye out for the art around you.