The Club and the Street

It’s been a week of noisy hallways and friendly construction workers, quiet sadness and a whole lot of Halloween decorations.

I’ve finally wrapped up the story of Springfield’s Boys and Girls Club for publication this weekend, so there’s some images from that. My third shot at street photography is here; I’m learning more all the time about both how to do it and how I do it, or at least have been doing it. My emphasis so far definitely has been establishing the place itself. I can always work more on getting up closer to subjects.

Also keep an eye out for the monarch migration, eh?

Thanks for looking,


B&G 316 (small)

B&G 384 (small)

B&G 537 (small)

B&G 631 (small)

B&G 642 (small)

B&G 687 (small)

Kids line up to go inside the Musgrave Unit Sept. 23.

B&G 780 (small)

_C1_8800 (small)

_C1_8802 (small)

_C1_8807 (small)

_C1_8826 (small)

_C1_8838 (small)

_C1_8839 (small)

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