One Piece Down

_C1_2000The Razorback Greenway trail threads through crowded downtowns and alongside the busiest streets around, a filament of forest and water in a growing metro. But it begins at its southernmost point in one of the quietest corners in Fayetteville, near a little park called Greathouse and a neighborhood of small houses. The sun shone bright and cool when I got there Sunday afternoon. A few hundred feet past that park, you’d never know you were in a fairly bustling college town: There’s just the trail, the lampposts and the woods outside of them.  The bare trees creaked and rustled in the breeze, and a rooster crowed over and over – seriously, every few seconds – somewhere to the south.

_C1_1959I’ve been pretty sparse with the photos lately, so my idea was to walk along all of the Greenway’s 36 miles. I’ll have to do it in pieces by foot; Sunday I got a few miles down, past downtown and the university. I couldn’t resist going down these side paths that lead off into the trees every now and then. It’ll be neat to see the whole path as winter becomes spring and the Greenway matches its name again.





_C1_2071Until then, thanks for looking.


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