Side Note

Arizona-January-2010-097---Copy.jpgI hoped to hike along Buffalo River this weekend and get some worthwhile shots, but my first ever car accident last night scuttled that plan (Everybody’s fine.). Instead I’ll take this moment for a shameless plug: As of last week, and for the first time ever, I’ve got a few framed and unframed prints for sale at The pAth Outfitters store and gallery in downtown Fayetteville, including the images in this post. It’s a neat shop for outdoor clothes and skateboards, and it’s also a studio/gallery for Matt Miller, a really gifted and intriguing painter and laid-back guy who really graciously gave some prints a spot there. The store’s right on the square, behind Tiny Tim’s Pizza and next to the Town Center.




IMG_1442---Copy.jpgThey’re all 12×16 art prints on archival ink and paper, and they’re all signed and titled by myself. If you’re anywhere around here and have any interest, please take a look; framed ones are $125, unframed are about $35. If you’re far away, feel free to visit my Redbubble for other prints and things.

Don’t worry, I won’t make the plugs a habit. Thanks for looking!


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